Organic pasta is homemade here

To enter high Valdivara - is to find yourself and the rhythm of your own life. To discover the land where men live in  harmony with the air, the ground, the water and the animals. Where you can stop to breathe in the pine fragrant air, collect mushrooms and chestnuts, drink some fresh water from the stream, watching wild deer and trout… while at the horizon the sun sets in the sea of Cinque Terre. The odors and flavors of the respected and protected nature which you will find in a product that has been made using modern technologies considering the centuries old culture, produced with the simple but delicious everyday things: local organic cheeses and meats of the Valley, sausages and valuable wines of the nearby territories. Chosen, prepared and packed for you by pasta masters, who present in a modern way the ancient women’s handcraft of this simple but generous land.  As the people living here! As you are !